Zack Citro | Motion

Eddie Bauer

Client : Eddie Bauer

Ad Agency : Capital Goods

Production Company : Legwork

My Roll : All 3D, Animation, Compositing, Edit.

Creating the photorealistic jacket in 3D was the most challenging part for me at first. The base model was simple, once that was complete I explored different ways to produce the wrinkles in the jacket. I tested several methods inside C4D and got the best results using the sculpt tools as well as the smooth deformer. Still wasn't good enough, instead I brought it into Zbrush and used the a photo reference as a "stencil" to paint in the wrinkles and as the actual texture. After exporting the jacket UVs I used photoshop to do some pretty heavy cleanup. All the zippers and pull strings are geometry. After spending about a some time experimenting with the mens jacket, I was able to create the women's jacket fairly quickly.