Zack Citro | Motion

Moto Metal

Client : Moto Metal

Ad Agency : Factory

Production Company : Legwork

My Roll : 3D Animation / asset creation, render, edit and composite.

This was one of my favorite projects I worked on during the year of 2015. Moto Metal and Factory asked us to create print ads, as well as a short promotional video to match the print ad style.

After Legwork created some awesome illustrations we needed to transform those assets into useable 3D models. I modeled and rigged the snake head so when the mouth is opened the tongue and fangs comes out, and the “cheeks” stretch. After animating all the assets I rendered several passes with an illustrated style as well as a metallic style and composited them together to get the overall look and masking effects.

I had also put together the style frames for the piece to figure out how we wanted it to look.