Zack Citro | Motion


Client : Nissan

Ad Agency : TBWA

Production Company : Legwork

My Roll : 3D asset creation and Animation

Creative Director Aaron Ray developed the style frames while Ben Chwirka, myself, and Dan Bucknam handed the 3D asset creation and animation. 

Nissan Zero Gravity Seats : Almost entirely done in 3D, there were two characters we created which had a little bit of rigging and animation. Some of the challenges we faced for this project were the transitions between each of the scenes, along with trying to get the car and driver to match the 2D lighting style we were going for. “To help explain the benefits of Zero Gravity Seats, this new animated spot for Nissan opens on a drive through the country and quickly takes the viewer on a brief journey into outer space to explore the principles that informed the technology. Taking cues from sci-fi films and graphics novels, the visual design came to life through a combination of full 3D animation and 2D styling.”

Nissan Rouge : Legwork worked with TBWA to create a modified version of a Nissan commercial. We added in several animated sections to the edit to show further detail of the Safety Shield technology.