Zack Citro | Motion

Personal Projects

Release November 2017

Earlier this year I created a new skeleton character and tested some new rigging techniques. Instead of calling the character done at that point I wanted to put him to use somehow so built some accessories for him and his friends, then came up with a quick animation.

The characters in the scene are all Xrefs of 5 different animations of the same character.  The UV maps were unwrapped and brought into ZBrush for an overall noise displacement, after exporting the displacement maps I used photoshop to erase an problematic areas. Each object is textured with a base texture and then is given a weathered rust texture using Octanes dirt shaders. I used TurbulenceFD for all the flame effects. 

Release Date : April 2015

Inspired by the Gorillaz character named "2D" and Sid from Toy Story, this is Ned. The goal of this project was to create a character from scratch and learn as much as I could about character rigging inside C4D. 

Release Date : August 2014

This was originally a motion test for a project, I liked it so much I decided to turn it into a short side project. 
Inspired by Animade's "Ready, Steady, Bang" (, they used Flash frame by Frame animation, I used Cinema 4D with bend deformers.

Here are the source files if you want to dissect.

Release Date : December 2014

The watch was modeled in Maya when I was in college and just beginning to learn C4D. Technically this project was not too difficult on an animation standpoint. In order to achieve the blinking of the pieces I used several render passes for each object. Typically, I would have a render pass with a inner lit glass material, a Metallic material, A outline cel shade render, and an edges cel shaded render, along with an object buffer for each piece. The blinking of the layers was done in AE, along with all the compositing.

Release Date : January 2013

My entry to the 99 Frames Social Animation Project. The main focus of this project is for people to learn and explore new features inside Cinema 4D. I am happy to say I placed 9th, but more importantly I learned some great new skills that i can use in the future.

CINEMA R14 - Physical Renderer, Sculpting, Camera Morph

I spent the most time modeling and sculpting, but my main focus was use of the physical renderer, I had never used it before and I learned a lot experimenting with the camera and render settings. I also tested out the C4D Net Render on a render farm which i was totally new to. I am happy with the results.

Music from the Vimeo Music Store - Distorted Images by Richard Band

Here is a list of the winners from the 2013 99-Frames project, along with the final video.

Release Date : July 2012

This is my submission to The requirements were a video from 2 - 10 seconds long, starting and ending with a 250 x 250 pixel square. My idea for the project did not have much of a story, but was more of a fun / experimental piece. This was done in C4D, AE, and a little bit of Realflow.