Zack Citro | Motion


My name is Zack Citro, I am the senior 3D animator for Legwork Studio. I am responsible for taking projects from concept to finish, mainly focusing on animation in the production pipeline. Working solo or on a small team forces me to be creative, proactive, and efficient while problem-solving and managing projects to meet strict deadlines.

I am a proficient multi-disciplinary 3D artist with experience modeling, texturing, rigging + xpresso, animation, dynamic simulations, lighting and rendering. I am also well-versed in 3rd party plugins such as TurbulenceFD and X-particles. I primarily use Octane and Corona render engines, but have worked with Arnold and Redshift in the project pipeline.

I studied character modeling and rigging to gain knowledge of proper organic modeling and edge flow for animation, as well as rigging and xpresso techniques. I apply these techniques beyond characters so complex animation can be done easier and more efficiently for either myself or my team. I also use TurbulenceFD and X-particles to produce effects which otherwise would be much more difficult using the C4D native tools.

I am organized, proactive, dedicated, and efficient with all my projects. You can view these projects in more detail Here. I love what I do and I hope you do too.